Home renovations designs for Perth Homes

Search no further than Element Drafting & Design and you will get the ideal design for your renovation project. Trust that when you turn to us, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of drafting and building design services. We’ve catered to numerous house renovations in Perth, so you can be confident that the end result will suit your requirements and lifestyle as well as add value to your existing home.

Our Unique and Client-Driven Approach

Here at Element Drafting & Design, we have a team of highly skilled individuals who take pride in delivering satisfying results to clients. Whenever we undertake any drafting and design project for home renovations in Perth, we always take a client-driven approach.

We go to great lengths to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. It goes without saying that we will consider all your  requirements, needs and budget. In the end, you will bring home a creative design that accurately suits your lifestyle and taste. Whether you’re aiming for a Hamptons look and feel or you want a contemporary and minimalist design, Element Drafting & Design is the name you should call.

Your Convenience is our Priority

It is our principle to give the best service to our clients. When you engage us to design your home renovation, you do not have to worry about regulatory requirements including approvals, certifications, bushfire reports and engineering requirements, among others. Our client-driven approach allows us to take the hard work off your shoulders so you can focus on enjoying the process and choosing a unique design that you and your family love!

When it comes to house renovation services in Perth, Element Drafting & Design is the one-stop shop you can turn to. Our sister company, Element Construction WA, is a building company that specialises in timber frame home extensions and renovations in Perth, and while we promise quality craftsmanship, you are not contracted to build with us when you hire us for drafting services in Perth. This means that you have the freedom to approach other builders and ask for quotes from them. We will gladly coordinate with your preferred builder and will work harmoniously with them so that we can turn your dream home into reality.

Call us today at (08) 9473 1610 for enquiries. Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss our drafting and design services with you.