Granny Flat Designs

Element Drafting & Design is your Choice for Granny Flat Designs in Perth

In Perth and other parts of Western Australia, granny flat designs have become increasingly popular. With the steady population increase, residential space continues to shrink and the cost of living is on the rise. Needless to say, granny flat designs are an ideal alternative to purchasing a new lot to build a home. Adding a granny flat to your existing property is suitable for your ageing parents or young adult children when you are looking for an easier and more affordable option.

Element Drafting & Design has produced several granny flat designs for customers in Perth. We are experienced and skilled in developing granny flat designs that efficiently serve their purpose. Whether you’re planning to build a granny flat for your loved one or you want to construct an income-generating space within your property, Element Drafting & Design can help you achieve your goal. Our customers’ satisfaction is important to us that is why we always provide a personalised service.

Different Uses for Granny Flats

Granny flats, as their name suggests, are intended as a secondary dwelling built for grannies. However, nowadays, homeowners explore other uses for this space. It goes without saying that our granny flat designs for Perth residents can serve different purposes:

Space for hobbies – If you think you do not have enough space in your home to cater to your hobbies, then having a granny flat designed and built is the best way to go. Whether you sew or craft with passion or you have woodworking as a hobby, a granny flat would be an ideal addition to your home.

Rental space – Ever heard of Airbnb? Well, it is quite popular on the Internet right now and travellers use it to book accommodation for short stays. Granny flats are always booked on this site as individuals love the privacy and affordability of these living spaces. Needless to say, considering granny flat designs for Perth is a good investment.

Home office – Instead of renting an expensive commercial space for your workspace, why not build a granny flat in your backyard instead? Just imagine how much you can save by eliminating the cost of travelling and eating out.

Hiring us for granny flat designs would definitely be a good investment for you. Call Element Drafting & Design today at (08) 9473 1610 and ask us about our drafting and design services!